SW Florida Fishing Charter


Alligators, Manatees, Dolphin, Sea Turtles, Stingrays, Sharks, Egrets

Action Flats Backcountry Charters offers incredible boating tours and nature experiences to those with the adventuresome spirit.  This is a personalized “one on one” experience with nature…..no classical tour-boat operation here!  We go far into the backcountry and Mangrove Jungles where wildlife almost acts unaffected by the presence of humans.

Here are just a few of the things that you can experience on an outing!  

Manatee Hunts* • Alligator Hunts* • Dolphin Watches • Bird Watching • Shelling • Swimming • Fossil Hunting • Beach Lunches • Sharks Teeth • Shrimping

*With Camera Only

  Just imagine the thrill of being one on one with the wild sea creatures of   Southwest Florida !   

A Friendly Dock Egret Another Friendly Egret with a tasty morsel

Capt. Chuck knows where the Manatee’s live.  They are such friendly, docile creatures that often they like to hang next to Chuck’s boat when visiting “their home”.   

A Family Of 19 Manatees

The Friendly Manatee!

Dolphins are a friendly site seen on nearly every outing.  Often times when we catch bait by throwing a large cast net, Dolphins are nearby and pay us a friendly visit.  Just like Flipper, sometimes they will jump out of the water to show off.  Many times they can be seen eating the baitfish right next to the boat…..very exciting indeed!  

Dolphins are very friendly in Charlotte Harbor

Then, if you have never seen an Alligator in the wild- GET READY!  There are plenty of Alligators in the Peace River .  They can often be seen in their natural habitat and many times will “pose” for the camera with open jaw and large teeth showing………..very scary, but we’ll keep a safe distance! 

We can also go to remote beaches where you can be the first one to put your footprint in the sand.  Sunbathing, swimming and a nice shore lunch can be arranged to have a personal experience you will remember for a life time!  Plenty of beautiful shells and sharks teeth abound.  Sand Dollars, various crabs, minnows and an array of interesting sea life are also at your finger tips and at your toes as you walk through the clear Gulf waters.   

Friendly Dock Tarpon


A Hungry Tarpon

Sunset cruises are also offered.  Capt. Chuck can arrange a very interesting day for you and include a visit to a nice waterfront restaurant.  There are plenty around including the Flamingo and Cabbage Key.  Just lots of fun sipping a nice drink and eating a great lunch at fun restaurants during your day.  By the way, both restaurants are situated near Mangrove Jungles and just getting there is fun.  One last thing - Capt. Chuck’s boat runs in extremely shallow water, less than 1 foot and often as we scoot along, Stingrays, Fish, Sharks and other magnificent sea creatures can be seen just ahead of the boat as we explore the vast backcountry wilderness!  

These two look related! Small Black Tip Shark.

Pelicans are everywhere!

Nature and Adventure Tours are offered at the same rates as fishing charters however special 2 hour Tours of Charlotte Harbor are offered at $200.  See the Rate Page for additional details.  For a really exciting day, combine fishing, nature touring, exploration and a lunch at a waterfront restaurant.  This will likely be the highlight of your vacation!

A Beautiful Sunset On Charlotte Harbor

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